Materials Selection

Before Visiting The Showroom:

Before visiting our showroom we suggest that our clients put together a sketch or get a plan of the cabinet layout, with rough wall measurements, backsplash location and sink placement. Exposed edge and wall location are crucial information. It is preferable but not necessary to make an appointment with one of our stone designers.

At The Showroom:

Our designers’ primary goal is to ensure that the stone work we create is a work of art. The journey begins with the single most critical decision effecting any stone project’s visual outcome: the successful selection of the proper slab. Since every material comes with a different price tag, slab selection will also effect final pricing. Our designers are trained to assist in providing critical guidance in slab selection and through knowledge and experience they can offer critical advice both artistically and technically, helping our clients with each material’s appropriate usage. Choosing exactly which natural stone should be used is very much an aesthetic and personal decision, much like selecting artwork. We will closely work with the Interior Designer or Architect when one is available.